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24.00 KWD

  • 4mm all-weather Giga Grip latex
  • Pre-curved “Hyla” hybrid cut
  • Classic full latex strap
  • Elasticated wrist entry
  • Extended palm
  • X-Wrap Control™ palm & thumb wrap
  • Full latex upper with embossed punch zone
  • AirLite™ breathable body
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The APEX series embodies everything its namesake represents. A force to be reckoned with that sits at the top of the goalkeeping food chain. An elite glove that helps unleash that raw instinct upon your six-yard box, elevating your game to the pinnacle, the peak, the APEX.

The “APEX” label is the younger brother to our “APEX Pro” collection, sporting a fully latex upper and focusing on only the most essential features, the “APEX” is a lower priced glove built to get the job done without compromising on what you need most. Undeniable quality, comfort and grip.

It is the natural successor to the popular “SLYR” series, offering a more traditional feel that does not sacrifice padding or protection. In comparison to something lightweight and “second-skin” like our GEO series.

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