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Be unbeatable and fierce when defending your territory! With the Fiera GK Pro you will be well armed, comfortable and safe to catch your prey. It is a light, innovative and technical glove, with a construction never seen before and details that make it unique.

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Backhand: Large-volume rubber inserts, strategically placed that facilitate flexing, give body and protection throughout the area, mounted on highly breathable textile mesh.

Cut: Fierce Cut, this innovative construction, is a hybrid cut that fuses and enhances the best of the rollfinger, negative and ergonomic, which translates into a greater grip area, fit and comfort. The fingers are practically completely covered by latex since, in addition to the roll, it has a 360º Roll Tip that wraps the finger up and down. Seams on the palm, right at the flex points of the fingers for greater ergonomics. more technical? Impossible!!

Palm: German AXG Formula latex, top grip, good resistance and excellent performance, even in wet conditions.

Closure: Breathex in the upper area, which is an elastic and breathable compound, but at the same time with a thermal effect. Its fibers have memory since no matter how much it is stretched, it always returns to its initial state. Elastic wristband in the lower area of ​​the palm. Double fixing point headband for a much better fit, extended palm and elastic application.

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