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Recovery is the key to top performance in competitive sports. Only those who are able to recharge their energy in the best possible way will be able to achieve lasting high performance. The GEARXPro Recovery Long (or Half) Tight technology, based on graduated compression and the use of an innovative ERGON+ yarn, enables intelligent and precise recovery. More and more professionals are using this technology to recover faster from training and competition, reducing muscle damage and limiting post-training swelling. Ergonomic product in its fullness, as it can be worn in everyday life and moments, making recovery on the move more attainable.

CLASS ONE MEDICAL DEVICE: Improves blood flow on the way up from the legs to the heart;

MATERIAL: 70% Nylon and 30% Spandex

EXTRA STRONG: Extra strong graduated compression pressure 20-30 mmHG;

ERGON+: Optimal thermoregulation thanks to breathable Ergon+ fibre;

COMFORT: Anatomical fit and high-quality material mix for maximum comfort;

LIGHTWEIGHT | BREATHABLE | INSULATING: High performance product designed for exceptional fit and durability.


Faster Recovery
Reduced muscle stiffness
Reduced Pain
Reduced Swelling
Regenerative effect
Maximum Comfort


In order to preserve the quality and prolong the life of the GEARXPro Recovery, we recommend to:
-Wash in cold water by hand or maximum 30° in the machine;
-Do not use bleach;
-Dry in open air only;
-Do not expose to heat.